Business Scope

Mikuni is a highly diverse company. The company headquarter is established in Osaka, Japan, and core business operations include trade, logistics distribution and procurement representation. 

Our trading business is focused on the Asia Pacific Region, with Japan, Korea and Taiwan being the main operating areas. There is currently a wide range of developed businesses, including the procurement of food products, general necessities, and production materials. In the future, we intend to expand our business to Singapore and other regions of The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, ASEAN. 

By committing to our philosophy of professionalism, innovation and integrity, Mikuni continues to promote and recommend merchandises of high quality and reputation from various countries to our clients. We believe that professional merchandise selection is the key factor in building a trusting relationship with our suppliers, distribution channels and consumers. In addition, we skillfully utilize our marketing network that is based in Japan and extends around the Asia Pacific Region to assist our clients in product sale and distribution in these areas. Along with the expanding economic growth in the Asia Pacific Region, the realization of "merchandises circulate around the world, acquiring thousands of businesses" will be just around the corner.