We provide the most suitable procurement plan catered to client requirements to fulfill their specific needs in acquiring alcohol, food, cosmeceuticals, and general goods. 

Alcohol - Our main business includes the export of high quality Japanese and Korean beer, spirits, sake and related beverages. We hope to share fine quality alcoholic beverages with consumers through professional merchandise selection and innovative marketing channels. We handle the most complete series of products, so Mikuni is your best choice for business collaboration!

Food Products - Distribution of well-known Japanese and Korean food products is also one of our core businesses. Our main products include instant noodles, snacks, food ingredients, condiments and leisure foods. In this fast-moving generation where people enjoy advanced information technology, Mikuni is dedicated to delivering popular food products to our consumers without any boundaries or delays and at the best quality and most competitive price.

Cosmeceuticals - We provide a wide range of personal hygiene products, cosmetic skincare, and trendy items, all imported directly from Japan and Korea. We endeavor to deliver the latest and most popular goods to our customers through retail marketing, hypermarketing and wholesale, so that they can enjoy these goods synchronously with the locals in Japan and Korea. 

General Merchandise - We provide a variety of daily necessities and general groceries, such as stationeries, kitchen equipment, automotive supplies, and home cleaning products, just to name a few. Mikuni strives to seek the most professional, high quality and diverse products to satisfy the different needs of all our clients. We also endeavor to fulfill all the demands by supplying a full range of products at a transparent and reasonable price. 

Organic Products - Organic living is a lifestyle choice that has been widely promoted across Europe and the United States for many years. In order to provide a healthy and comforting living experience, Mikuni has carefully selected organic certified products from Japan. All of the high quality organic products are produced in a certified environment including the place of origin, selection of raw materials, production process, product sale and post-production environmental protection. We insist on selecting the safest, chemical free, high quality products. We know how wonderful it feels to have a peace of mind knowing that our ecological environment is thoroughly protected while we enjoy the amazing living experience we created.

Triangular Trade - Although the procedures and formalities of triangular trade are extremely complicated, Mikuni has established a strong cooperating relationship with professional logistic companies through long-term collaboration. This allows us to keep a close watch on the status of the merchandises and be in full control of any developments. Our intense network allows us to dispatch merchandises via the most suitable flight or vessel whenever it is ready.